What to expect from your Lil Shots Class

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What to expect from your Lil Shots Class:

  We are so excited for you and your child to start our Lil Shots class. This class is parent-participation, and an adult is required to participate with your child. Siblings are not allowed in class, so please make arrangements for your other children if necessary. Parents in this class enter the gym with their students, but are mostly there as a comfort factor and not so much to participate. Students in this class are expected to sit and follow directions. If any student is being disruptive they will have to be removed until they are ready to participate in the class. Meaning they cannot run around the room and be disruptive. Of course, there is a learning curve for this age group and we are aware of what is appropriate listening and sitting skills for our Lil Shots. As the class progresses will we stretch their bodies and ability to sit and listen. This class is a bridge to our 45 minute, no parent participation, Hot Shots class.

  It is very important for the kids to be on time to class so they start with the group. We will start class everyday with a warm-up and stretching. The class will move to a circuit on the floor where students will work on skills like jumping, climbing, and balancing. Students will also be using the bars and the trampoline during the class times, where we will work on all kinds of skills including hanging, swinging, and and yes, more jumping. Appropriate clothing for this class is just comfortable clothes.  

  The class includes 30 minutes of structure and then free admission to Playmania immediately following.  

  Please let us know if you have any questions.