What to expect from your Hot Shots Class

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What to expect from your Hot Shots Class:

  We are so excited for your child to start our Hot Shots class. This class is not parent-participation, and parents are expected to view the class outside our gym area. Although sometimes it is necessary for a few weeks to have a parent in the gym viewing for the comfort of your child and we are happy to accommodate for the child's needs. Our Hot Shots classes will run in our Jungle Gym space. This gym is designed with our little ones in mind.  

  It is very important for the kids to be on time to class so they start with the group. We will start class everyday with a song warm-up and stretching. Our Hot Shots class is fully structured; there is no free-play time. Students will use the floor, bars, and trampoline in class. They will not use the beams other than small floor beams placed weekly in either the floor, bars, or trampoline circuit. We find at this age the higher beams are scary and not very safe for our little ones. All of our classes have weekly lessons plans, and all classes will do the same lesson. Appropriate clothing for this class is just comfortable clothes. Keep in mind thought your child will be moving and going upside down.  

  While we try and keep our classes moving as much as possible, sometimes it is necessary for students to sit and wait their turn. This will be more apparent in the first few weeks of classes. You may find that your Hot Shot will struggle a bit to participate and listen. This is completely normal and within weeks, you will see all students will get the movement of the class. 

  Each student is expected to participate and follow the class. At this age this can sometimes be difficult. If a student is being disruptive and not participating they will be lead out of class until they are ready to participate. This is a normal part of this class and this age group, don't be worried if you child takes some time to get adjusted to the structure.

  Please be respectful of students in the class by keeping your voice down and removing loud children from our viewing area. For the safety of the students please keep a clear pathway in front of the gate.

  Please make sure to have your child use the restroom before class. Being on time to class is also very important for your child to be successful. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

  Please let us know if you have any questions.