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Recreational Class Descriptions
   All of our boys recreational classes are for students ages 6 and up, run in our main gym and are skill appropriate. Meaning students move up by their skill level, not their age. Classes are fully structured; there is no free-play time. Students will use the floor, bars, vault and trampoline in class. All of our classes have weekly lesson plans and rotation to ensure the appropriate amount of time on each piece of equipment. Appropriate clothing for these classes would be shorts and a tight shirts for boys. 

What makes our classes different than others? In the last almost 20 years we have tried almost everything and have fine tuned our program and classes for the best overall effect. First, we offer an 6-1 student to teacher ratio. We have only one teacher per class, instead of having big groups. Having six kids with one teacher is not the same as having twelve kids with two teachers. Since our classes run in twelve weeks in lengths, students get to know their classmates and their teacher as well as the teacher knowing your child well. 

And what really sets us apart is our staff. Having lesson plans to go off of that keep every class on task and consistent is important. As well as the experience our staff has. We only hire people who have lots of previous experience working with kids and people who are honestly excited about teaching your child. This is such a fun job, and we really do enjoy it!!

At the end of each session, students will take home a report card to show the skills they've accomplished and possibly ones they are still working on. Your child's report card is also available on your portal. We make suggestions for our future sessions before our registrations begin if you are currently enrolled and that information can also be found on your portal.

Don't know which class is best for you or you haven't been active in our facility for a while? Click here and we will help you figure out where your child fits best.