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COGA Staff
Sharman Watt
I started COGA back in March of 1998. A gymnasts for my whole life, it is my privilege to offer a fun and positive gymnastics programs for the next generation of gymnasts.
I pride myself  on having a clean facility, well organized lesson plans in our classes with low student to teacher ratios, and of course, an awesome staff. As a mom, I know how important it is to have a fun, safe, encouraging environment for your child. Come see why we know we offer the best in gymnastics for you and your family!
Aliza Watt
Aliza has been with COGA since she was just a baby, since she was born here. Being the owners daughter she did gymnastics as a child and was part of our competitive team program. Now older, she enjoys teaching the classes and helping young students meet their goals and potential. 

"She's helped encourage my girl and Skylar always comes home with a smile after being with Aliza!!" Holly J.
Joanna has been with COGA since 2015. She is full of so much energy and fun and is such a special part of our coaching staff. 

"Joanna is awesome! She is sweet, strict enough to keep Isabel in line, and has really inspired Isabel to work harder and love gymnastics, even if she isn't exactly a natural. Thanks Joanna!" Scott M.

Spring 2016 Teacher of the Session
Fall 2016 Teacher of the Session Runner-Up
Courtney started at COGA in 2007. Having to move away for her husbands job, she was always hoping to get back to Bend!! And YAY she make it back and we are so happy to have her sweet smile and enthusiasm here.

"Courtney's enthusiasm is contagious! She helped make my daughter a better gymnasts, and she made gymnastics fun!"
Teresa D.
Karinsa started at COGA as a young child taking gymnastics and eventually competing on our Optional Gymnastics Team. She has been a part of our coaching staff since 2014. We are so lucky to have her kindness and gymnastics expertise.

"She is so kind in her approach with the girls. She can tell them they are doing something wrong in the sweetest way!" Breah B.
Makayla began gymnastics as a child at COGA and later competed on our Optional Gymnastics Team. Makayla joined our COGA staff in 2015. We enjoy having her sweet and positive teaching methods she bring to our programs.

"She is great with the kids and she really does take the time to work with each student in the areas they need work on, as well as challenging and moving to the next step for the students if they can already do the skill." Ashley S.
Abbey began gymnastics at COGA and eventually competed in our Optional Team Program. She began coaching here in 2014. She is such a great addition to our COGA staff with her enthusiasm for gymnastics and fun teaching style. 
Teacher of the session Winter 2016

"Abbey has been the perfect teacher for Taylor! She makes the girls work hard and they have so much fun! One week when Taylor was having a tough time she was so caring and empathetic, yet encouraged her to be tough and perservere through it. " Jenny L.
Taryn started at COGA as a young child and then competed on our Optional Gymnastics Team here at COGA. She became a part of our coaching staff in 2015.  She brings her experience and fun to all her classes.
Joanna Tyler
Courtney Webb
Karinsa Iams
Taryn Willman
Abbey Selover
Makayla Iams
Megan started with COGA in 2016. With her very athletic background of gymnastics and her experience coaching soccer and Special Olympic track and field, we are lucky to have her coaching enthusiasm.

"Megan is very helpful, patient and a great teacher. Vivienne says she "helps me and it's fun to be in her class!" Thanks Megan and keep up the great work! xoxoxo" Kendra H.

Remmy Burns
Ariel Blayney
Ariel has been at COGA since 2009. First as a recreational and tots coach and now as a team coach. After growing up in Bend as a local gymnasts, she also taught at the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics when attending school in Eugene. 
Megan Vizinni
​Alyssa Rommel
Lily Salisbury
Nicole Violet